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Wildfire uses speech recognition to manage communications for busy people. Whether it's voicedialing, voicemail, call routing, email or fax, Wildfire unites all the enhanced services your subscribers will ever want through a single voicecontrolled interface and a single personality.

Wildfire offers your customers functionality in easytoconsume bites. Start safetyconscious subscribers off with voice dialing. Once they're hooked, Wildfire herself can offer an upgrade to contacts. Your power users can pick and choose among Wildfire's more advanced features to build their own customized Wildfire Assistant, which in turn bonds them to your network.

Because Network Wildfire runs on industrystandard Compaq® ProLiant™ Pentium® based servers, Wildfire integrates easily into your wireless or wireline network and scales up as your subscriber base grows.

Subscribers Love Wildfire

Because Wildfire has a unique human persona, 'she' has the ability to develop trusting, longlasting relationships with your subscribers, resulting in increased revenue opportunities and lower churn. Learning Wildfire is fast and easy. New users are greeted with tutorials in the form of messages from Wildfire, and she provides helpful hints as long as they are needed. Wildfire takes less than three minutes to learn and by the time users have completed their first Wildfire session, they're hooked.

Basic features provide:

WildDial™ Voice Dialing: Users can place calls by saying the number or by saying "home," "work," or "other."

WildFind™ Call Routing: For users on the go, Wildfire forwards calls to any phone, contact name, or voicemail system.

WildMail™ Voice Controlled Voicemail: Rapid Message Return™ features callers' names and phone numbers so users can prioritize messages and return calls quickly. Also includes WildWhisper™ intelligent call waiting. Wildfire breaks into session to announce an incoming caller, so users never miss important calls while checking messages.

Addon Services:

WildList™ Contacts: Saves up to 150 names with up to 5 numbers for each, so subscribers can place calls simply by saying the name.

WildCall™ Multicall Handling: Let's users handle more than one call at a time. Includes WildWhisper™ intelligent call waiting.

WildConference™ Wildfire includes anyone, from anywhere, any time in conference calls.

WildGroup™ Lets users have group contacts, send group messages, and see each other in the Virtual Hallway™

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